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Fungal Nail Testing

Five Minute Fungal Nail Test

A clinical test for nail infection which gives accurate results in under 5 minutes!

Do you think you have fungal nail?  

I am now able at my clinic to offer you a quick and highly accurate in-clinic test to confirm if you have fungal nail or not.

You possibly think that you have fungal nail, however before commencing a treatment for your ‘yellow thickened crumbling’ nails it is important to confirm whether it is fungus under the nail. 

Even though I am very experienced with treating fungal nail it is not possible for any practitioner to confirm if fungus is present just by looking at the nails, it could be another type of infection for instance yeast and therefore a different form of treatment would be required;

Therefore a test needs to be carried out to confirm if fungus is present.  If it is positive fungal nail treatment can commence. If the test is negative, then fungal nail infection is not present and further consideration must be given to other nail pathologies.

The Test:-

  • Rapid Results in just a few minutes, whilst you wait
  • No need to send your nail clippings to the NHS laboratory
  • No long waiting time for results, which may take up to 4 weeks or more via NHS
  • Detects the presence of all common fungus types from the smallest sample of nail
  • Immediate diagnosis, allowing us to treat the infection with minimal delay
  • Scientifically proven to give highly accurate and reliable results

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How accurate is the test?

The Five Minute Nail Fungus Test has an accuracy of 97% – meaning you can be confident in the test results – more accurate than NHS Culture Testing alone.

How much sample is required?

Due to the sensitivity of the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test, only a small amount of nail specimen is required.

What species of dermatophyte can the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test detect?

The test strip is able to rapidly detect the presence of different types of dermatophyte including all the most commonly encountered species causing fungal nail infection in the U.K.

Can the test be used if I am already using anti-fungal treatments?

Yes, the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test is unaffected by any anti-fungal treatments which may be present in a nail sample, unlike the usual mycology testing undertaken by the NHS, which because of anti-fungal treatments, could provide false-negative results.

How much will I be charged for the test?​

I will take a small nail sample and carry out the test and confirm the result.

The cost for this appointment to carry out the test will be £55.00 If you have a positive test and dermatophyte fungus is confirmed Clearanail treatment can go ahead if you so choose