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Very excited to announce the Clinic now has new equipment to successfully treat fungal nail.   This is a unsightly and embarrassing condition and we are happy that we now have a simple and effective solution to deal with it.   Look at the website for more information or give me a call.

Bringing very soon to the Clinic a new laser to treat fungal nails.   Very exciting and successful new technology.   Information and prices will be added to the website shortly.  

Sponsor of Oundle Golf Club

I am now very happy to be a Sponsor at Oundle Golf Club.   I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with my local golf club.

Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction coming soon.   Look at website soon for more information.

Announcing a wonderful new range of orthotics especially for children under 6 years of age.  Very exciting as should be very useful addition at the clinic to help little kids on their first steps through life!!  At very reasonable prices.

Cyclo-assage - the Massage System - now available at the Clinic.  It is proving to be very successful, providing benefit, relaxation and enjoyment.  For more info look at the Cyclo massage page on my website.  

Gift vouchers for the Cyclo massage are available.   It will make an excellent gift.

Treatment for any injuries has been successful for a number of my patients that ran in the London Marathon. A fantastic achievement and I was really proud to hear how you all had got on!!

Patient feed back is that the Gait scanner is proving to be very successful at helping them understand their conditions more fully.  




Happy New Year

I have now invested in the most up-to-date technology to bring TOG Gait scan to the clinic.   

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