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Fungal Nail Treatment

Are the nails discoloured, thickened or crumbling?

Does this make you feel embarrassed and do you prefer to keep your toes hidden away?

At the Sports & Physical Injuries Clinic in Oundle we can now resolve Fungal nail infections safely, painlessly and relatively quickly.

For many years, Podiatrists worldwide have been challenged with the common problem of Onychomycosis (fungal nail infection). Fungal nail is the same infection as Athletes foot, but under the nail. Traditional methods of treatment are ineffective and this means for patients months or years of unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable nails.

The Treatment:- is an innovative, brand-new concept, which has been developed using the latest technological advances. I am one of the first clinics in the country to introduce it. It is a simple solution to this complex problem…

It is an exciting device based upon controlled micro penetration and which empowers podiatrists to make micro pathways through the nail plate without penetrating the nail bed.

Each of the tiny holes can be drilled in less than 5 seconds by the intelligent drill which can sense when it is through the nail plate and therefore does not cause damage to the nail bed beneath. The micro holes allow the topical treatment, Terbinafine spay applied daily, to reach the fungal infection more quickly and effectively. This in turns leads to clearing of the infection in a shorter time.

Before [left] & after [right] treatment with the Clearanail system from four different patients.
  • It is a quick, single procedure
  • No need for extended appointment times or repeat visits.
  • Achieve healthy looking nails within a short space of time.
  • Clearanail is a clinically proven concept and numerous case studies are available.
  • Patients experience a pain free procedure.

Visible results usually are seen within weeks.  However it must be remembered that nail fungus is a very infectious disease and treatment cannot be guaranteed.  It is very dependent on patient compliance.