Treatment by Mobilisation, Soft Tissue Work, Ultrasound & Exercise 

The clinic treats everyone of any age with an injury, ache or pain.

Not just Sportsmen or Women


At the Clinic a wide range of conditions can be treated

  For instance:- 

  • muscle & tendon injuries & pain
  • sports, leisure, accidents & old injuries 
  • work related repetitive injuries 
  • osteoarthritis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome  
  • whiplash
  • sciatica
  • trapped nerves                                              
  • tennis & golfers elbow
  • neck, shoulder, wrist,  hand, back, hip, knee & foot pain  
  • ankle sprains , achilles tendonitis & plantar fasciitis       

 The aims of the Treatment 

  • To reduce pain & discomfort
  • To restore normal function & mobility
  • To give advice or on-going treatment which will help prevent the injury from recurring.
  • he philosophy is to diagnose & treat the underlying cause of your complaint not just the symptoms. 

Your Appointment
  • On your first appointment you will have a thorough assessment of your complaint to find out exactly what is causing your pain or symptoms. your complaint will be explained to you and how it can be treated.
  • Your appointment will not be rushed and you will have plenty of time to ask questions if you wish to. this will benefit you by giving you a better understanding of your condiiton. the initial assessment will take approximately 45 minutes. The industry standard is 30 minutes.
  • If I feel your complaint can be managed better by another health professional I would be happy to refer you.