Manual Therapy for stiff joints

a) Mobilisation:  the majority of the time I use mobilisation techniques rather than manipulation as it is more gentle to the body.   Mobilisation uses low velocity passive movement within or at the limit of the joint range.   The aim is to push the joint into the correct alignment and to enable the patient to experience relief from the symptoms and to improve mobility in the joints/spine.   The source of the pain is eliminated

 b)  Manipulation: involves a high velocity thrust to a joint beyond its restricted range of movement.

Soft Tissue Work -

Utilises tactile contact on tissues with the aim of normalising their function.   A range of movements are used from stroking to compression and passive stretching.   Muscle's fascia, tendons and ligaments are treated.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

A hands on technique that stretches, strengthens and breaks down scar tissue adhesions. Encourages a state of relaxation which allows the muscle to stretch beyond its current ability however does not allow flexibility beyond normal for that person.

Soft Tissue Release (STR) 

Hands-on technique that stretches muscles, breaks adhesions between individual muscle fibres and realigns them in the correct position.


to promote healing and relieve pain using either:

a)ultrasound  helps reduce inflammation gives pain relief and a micro-massage at depth.

b)Interferrential therapy gives pain control and causes muscle contraction to reduce swelling and relieve pain.


To strengthen, stretch and restore function. Exercises will be carried out as part of the treatment and will also be given to the patient to perform at home.     


The Ultrasound and Interferential equipment