First appointment to discuss if you would benefit from wearing orthotics. It includes a biomechanical assessment along with a static and dynamic scans using the GaitScanner.   The results of the scans will be discussed with you at this appointment. 

This costs £35.00

There is no obligation to purchase but if you wish to go ahead and purchase a pair of orthotics a non-returnable deposit will be required at this stage or before the order is placed for you.

This deposit will be £130.00 and is non refundable.

Second appointment - Once the orthotics arrive from the labaratory you will have a fitting appointment and the remaining balance will need to be paid.

The out-standing balance will be £210.00

Plus £20.00 if Dynaflange orthotic.  £15.00 for leather top cover. 

I regret I am unable to accept credit cards or direct debit cards but can accept credit card cheques, cheques and cash or direct  BACS payment into bank account.

    Information regarding your Orthotics:-

  • I supply the very best orthotics. The outer shell has a life time guarantee.
  • Periodically you will need to return your devices so they can be sent to the lab for refurbishing, i.e. putting new top covers, heel posts, bottom covers etc on them.  There is an additional charge for this from approx £42.00 plus P+P.  For the first 6 months should they need recovering this would be done free of charge.
  • With proper care most devices will last a very long time.  I use labs mostly in the USA or  Canada which produce very high quality orthotic products
  • Usually the time from sending the scans until I receive the orthotics is about 3-4 week
  • Patients should realise that some conditions have developed over many years and will not disappear over night! Treatment takes time and commitment from the practitioner and patient.
  • Custom made insoles (orthotics) are designed to last for years but their effectiveness can be reduced by alterations in foot shape due to weight change or development of other medical conditions, so regular check ups are recommended.

Call for an appointment or for more information   Tel:-  01832-272200